The Importance of Cod Liver Oil For Health Support


“I’m on a seafood diet. When I see food, I eat it.” That was the old joke, but now that we’re learning about how valuable omega-3 fatty oils are to our bodies, people are starting to take the seafood diet much more seriously, and many are turning to cod liver oil as their main source of omega-3s.

If you’ve heard about the benefits of omega-3 fatty oils, you probably want to start getting them in your body as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, omega-3 fatty acids are not made in our bodies; rather, they are found primarily in fish and in the oils from their tissues. While we may not have the oils found in fish in our bodies, we do have cod liver oil supplements to put them there.

Omega 3s are components of the cell membrane. According to the NCCIH (National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health) omega-3s support cognitive function, mood health, vision, skin health, joint health, digestion, cardiovascular function, and a healthy aging process.

Cod liver oil and fish oil are both sources of omega-3, but they are very different compounds.  While fish oil is extracted from the whole body of the fish, cod liver oil is taken only from the liver of the cod. Although both oils are high in omega-3s and vitamins A and D, studies suggest that cod liver oil has higher concentrations of vitamins A and D, which gives cod liver oil its own unique properties beyond those of regular fish oil.

Benefits of Vitamin A and D in Cod Liver Oil

Like omega-3, vitamin D is a nutrient that our bodies need from external sources. Vitamin D is synthesized when we are exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. People who do not get a chance to spend time in the sun or don’t consume dairy can be deficient in vitamin D. These deficiencies can lead to bone fractures and loss of muscle tone and other potential health problems.

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that acts as an antioxidant in the body, to promote the healthy growth of bones and tissues. It too is a vital part of our diet.

Cod liver oil contains optimal amounts of both vitamin A and D, in addition to omega-3s, so all three can work separately and synergistically to meet their full potentials. Cod liver oil’s nutrient concentration provides a wealth of health benefits beyond those of regular fish oil, including bone health, heart health, breast health, and immune function.

So, if you think cod liver oil is just another fish oil in the sea, think again. With more vitamin A and D-3 than fish oil, cod liver oil is quite a catch.  Don’t you think it’s time you caught up?

Popular Places Around The World To Experience Tasty Eats


Bitten by the travel bug? Travelling is a great way to experience new cultures and see how the rest of the world lives. And what better way to begin immersing yourself into the local culture by sampling their food?

Food is a key element of people’s lives. Eating food is not only a way to nourish our bodies, but our souls as well. It is a sensory experience, yes, but at the heart of it is a spiritual experience. We can learn about the tastes, habits, minds, and souls of those who have prepared the food for us. It is an expression of identity and the culture of society at large.

Here are some of the must-try culinary experiences from different cultures all over the world:


Serving excellent food and exceptional hospitality: Tokyo is a veritable Mecca for foodies. The bustling city has the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the world. Indulge in high grade Wagyu beef and the freshest sushi. But you don’t have to eat in the high end and expensive restaurants to sample the best of Japanese cuisine. There are some Michelin star restaurants that won’t break the bank, with a meal costing just around ten dollars per person, offering Japanese comfort food such as teishoku (Japanese lunch set), ramen, or soba.


The birthplace of pizza, and home of just about every Italian food you love, Naples is a place any foodie would love to visit again and again. Pizza, pasta, paninis, and pastries: Naples has them all. Made from the simplest, yet freshest ingredients, and with skills that have been passed from one generation to the next, Neapolitan food aims to please. Don’t forget to have a glass of limoncello for the perfect after meal treat.


Spicy, flavorful, aromatic, and best of all, cheap: these are just some words to describe Thai cuisine. The best place to explore all the wonders of Thai cuisine is in the country’s capital, Bangkok. Try authentic pad thai, curry, fried rice, and stir-fried meals while revelling in the sights of skyscrapers, palaces, and temples in a city that’s bustling with energy and excitement.


Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul is an emerging culinary destination. As one of the world’s greatest metropolises across the centuries, Istanbul is a melting pot of cultures that heavily influence its cuisine. Turkish food is so much more than just kebabs. Start your day with a rich breakfast, like the locals do. Try the menemen, a traditional Turkish omelette that will jumpstart your day. Feast on lamb, pastries, cheese, roast meat and savor the rich and colorful flavors Istanbul has to offer.

For many people, eating is the best part of traveling. Food lets you experience a different side of culture, bringing people together in a gustatory experience that will surely be a treasured memory in every trip.

Try Chaste Tree for Reproductive Support


If you are active in the world of gardening, you probably know chaste tree as a decorative plant yielding white, pink, or lavender flowers. But this plant is also one that can provide a number of health benefits including support of the reproductive system.

Keep reading to learn how chaste tree may be useful in promoting reproductive health.

Chaste tree can be used to normalize a wide range of reproductive issues including premenstrual syndrome, irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, and perimenopausal symptoms. Its ability to balance the menstrual cycle is due to the way it acts on the dopamine receptors in the brain through hypothalamus in the pituitary gland. Here, it works to inhibit the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and promote the luteinizing hormone.

Although all this scientific talk may be a bit hard to grasp the overall effect is a shift in the ratio of estrogen to progesterone in the body, in favor of the progesterone. Once this occurs, it provides a number of benefits that can help to regulate menstrual disorders and life cycle changes.

Chaste tree may also inhibit a pituitary hormone called prolactin. Prolactin plays a key role in supporting milk production in breastfeeding. Women who are having trouble producing milk while breastfeeding may turn to the herb as it is a galactagogue.

Chaste tree can also be helpful to women’s reproductive health in several ways.

PMS & Menstrual Irregularity

Unbalanced estrogen and progesterone and elevated prolactin levels lead to PMS and menstrual irregularity. Chaste tree’s ability to balance these in the body can help to relieve symptoms like mood swings, bloating, breast tenderness and pain in those suffering from PMS. It can also work to regulate menstrual cycles and minimize excessive bleeding.


An imbalance in progesterone and estrogen and elevated prolactin levels can also contribute to infertility. The herb is a safe way to promote fertility but is not recommended during pregnancy.

Perimenopause and Estrogen Dominance

During a women’s perimenopausal years, their progesterone levels begin to decline and estrogen becomes dominant. This can lead to symptoms like reduced libido, insomnia, mood swings, abnormal menstruation, bloating, fatigue, and more. Chaste tree’s ability to balance these in the body can be key in minimizing these symptoms.

Those who are interested in adding the chaste tree herb to their diet may try it in a tea or a supplemental form. It works well on its own and can also be combined with other herbs that help balance hormones and support the reproductive organs. It is most effective when added to a healthy diet and accompanied by lifestyle changes.

While many women spend a lot of money on treatments to improve reproductive health, it is good to know there are also natural remedies available that don’t cause unpleasant side effects. Try chaste tree to find out how it can make positive changes to your mood, health, and quality of life.