Survive Long Plane Rides With These Simple Tips


We’re already halfway through October, and you know what this means. The holidays are around the corner. If you are among the millions of people who brave travelling during the holiday season, you should be about to finalize your travel plans. For those of you who are taking an enviable vacation somewhere far away, here are some tips to make your travel experience smoother and much more enjoyable:

Tip 1: Wear Comfortable Clothes

It can be tempting to start off your trip with amazing photos of your #OOTD, but high heels and tight clothing are not really an ideal option, and can even pose a health hazard (read: deep vein thrombosis). Choose clothing made from natural, breathable fabrics. Put on layers: it can get really cold onboard, so you should adjust your clothing when it gets either too warm or too chilly. Loosen your shoes so your ankles don’t swell up, but for the love of God, please do not go barefoot!

Tip 2: Know your timezone.

Prepare for the time differences between your place of origin and your destination. This way, you can plan when to sleep and when to avoid being exposed to light, so you can prevent that much- dreaded jet lag.

Tip 3: Pack Some Supplements

Airplane food is the worst; they’re too high in salt and sugar, and lack freshness. Instead of feeling nourished, you may find yourself being more dehydrated and feeling zapped out of energy after a long flight. What’s more is travelling to and from an exotic place can stir up some trouble in your digestive system.

That’s why you should take care of your gut before, during, and after a trip. Try some dietary supplements from Enzymedica to maintain and strengthen the natural balance in your digestive system. A wide range of products are available from Enzymedica to promote optimal digestion, even of overly processed airplane food. Enzymedica also offers supplements to support those with gluten intolerance, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally ingesting gluten on your trip.

Tip 4: Fly at Ease

It’s perfectly normal to experience some jitters before flying. Despite your best efforts in preparing for a flight, the entire experience can still be rather stressful. Flight delays, germs on board, turbulence, annoying co-passengers all contribute to upping your stress levels.

Try a herbal remedy like Ashwagandha to calm your nerves. Research has found that patients diagnosed with anxiety had much lower levels of stress hormones and anxiety after taking Ashwagandha over a two- month period.  Ashwagandha also helps boost energy levels so you can feel revitalised and ready to have the time of your life.

Don’t let anything get in the way between you and your holiday plans! Travelling on long- haul flights can be exhausting but these travel tips can help you get ready and allow you to enjoy your well- deserved vacation.


Natural Alternatives to Viagra And Other Similar Products


There’s a certain stigma associated with having problems in the bedroom, especially if you are a man. But if you’re experiencing some problems below the belt, there’s no need to be ashamed. Problems performing in the bedroom or feelings of discomfort down under may be a symptom of other underlying diseases, and should not be ignored.

Low libido and erectile dysfunction are some of the common issues faced by males. These problems usually become more typical as you grow old, but it is not uncommon for men under age 40 to experience these symptoms. Many reputable brands, like Metagenics, offer natural remedies with herbs like horny goat weed that may help to address these worries. Here is a list of some commonly used natural treatments for better sexual performance:

Horny Goat Weed

This potent herb is one of the oldest medicinal herbs that have been known to boost sexual health. Horny goat weed is a tried and tested aphrodisiac used in traditional Chinese medicine. Nowadays, it is known as “natural Viagra.” Recent studies have shown that horny goat weed helps men perform better in bed by promoting blood flow to the penis during intercourse. Today, it is used as an active ingredient in many supplements for sexual health and vitality, such as those offered by Metagenics. Taking it as a supplement can help in erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems, and low libido.


Another product that is commonly used to treat sexual problems is arginine. This amino acid helps to produce nitric oxide, which is a compound that helps to relax blood vessels and help oxygen to reach the cells in the body to stabilize erectile function. There are some side effects associated with taking arginine supplements, so make sure to consult your doctor first before trying it.


A herb that is widely regarded for curing many diseases, ginseng is also known for improving libido in men. Taking ginseng supplements have also been known to boost the quality of sperm in men, and rejuvenating both men and women by powering up their sex drives.

Lifestyle changes can also go a long way in improving your sexual health. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and good sleeping habits can make you feel virile and confident. But if you want to boost your testosterone, consider taking natural supplements. Whether you are worried about your sexual performance, or if you want to take your sex life to the next level, try natural supplements that are as good as Viagra, or even better. Choose a well known brand like Metagenics for unbeatable quality and guaranteed satisfaction for you and your partner.

Tips For Appearing More Cultured And Interesting


Remember the “Most Interesting Man in the World” from the beer commercials? We never knew what it was that made him so interesting, yet, there he was, in every commercial, perfectly groomed, surrounded by women and never without a drink. He was the life of the party. The one who the men wanted to be, and the girls wanted.  What was his secret?

It may have occurred to you that what made the most interesting man in the world seem so interesting and cultured was simply that he devoted his life to becoming interesting and cultured.  While others spent their days working at jobs, Mr. Interesting was at work trying to learn about things and do things that would make him seem cultured and interesting, and from the look of those commercials, his work paid off.

While we’re not sure exactly what the most interesting man did to make himself so interesting, we have a few tips for you that might help make you a little more interesting. Read on for tips about how to make yourself appear more interesting and cultured, without doing anything with your life.

Read A Classic Novel A Year

If you’re not doing anything with your life, reading one classic novel a year shouldn’t be too much of a commitment. You don’t have to throw the bestseller list out the window, but chances are, you’ll seem a lot more cultured when discussing classic Twain than the new Bethany Frankel autobiography. Start with American authors like Fitzgerald and Hemingway. You may even find yourself enjoying it!

Start Seeing Some Different Movies

When’s the last time you saw a movie with subtitles? If the answer is longer than you can remember, you might want to start seeing some different movies.

Sure, everyone is going to be talking about the latest blockbuster, and that’s precisely why you won’t want to be talking about it. The idea here is to stand out, not blend in. When you start talking  indies and film noirs you’ll be the one getting the good reviews.

Learn A Second Language

Do you speikin de deutch, parlez le francais, parla Italiano? If you’re not doing anything with your life, you have plenty of time to learn. The most interesting people are not only well traveled, they know how to order a dish in the Mediterranean, and how to talk about the weather in Paris. Who knows? You might even start your own little foreign exchange.


Now that you talk the talk, why not walk the walk? Everyone will find you so much more cultured and interesting when you talk about sleeping in a Japanese capsule hotel and drinking vodka on the Transcontinental Railroad. With travel on your resume, you may even put the World’s Most Interesting Man out of a job. Start on your road to culture today. You may just end up having something to do with your life after all.